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As a physiotherapy practice, we want to obtain the satisfaction of our patients. We distinguish ourselves by striving to daily outdo ourselves for them. We employ qualified people to fulfill our mission. We are currently looking for candidates as physiotherapists. We invite you to browse our job offers and apply online today.  
Physical Therapist
The physiotherapist is a member of the paramedical practitioners, which provides readaptation care for ambulatory and at home patients. On the basis of his clinical reasoning, the physiotherapist establishes a physiotherapeutic diagnosis, on which he leans to realize a treatment, which aims to maintain or reestablish health. He also provides a therapeutical education in the context of health promotion and aims the quality of life’s improvement for his patients. A medical prescription of physiotherapy sessions is done by a general doctor, in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable by the basic insurance (Lamal) in Switzerland.
Application conditions
1. Be in possession of a Bachelor or Master of science in Physiotherapy 
2. Or if being a foreigner, having the recognition of the Swiss Red Cross
3. Minimal level in French : B2
4. Having at least two years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist
5. Experience in community / home care is preferable
6. Complies with recognized professional standards and practices required by employer
7. Maintains good physical endurance and good stress tolerance
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