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The Synergy HCR device from Human Tecar® is an electromagnetic stimulator of microcirculation ESTMC® operating with an electromagnetic signal (medium frequency radio signal) which, applied by contact (and therefore without propagation in space) on the biological tissue by means of two specific conductive electrodes – high and low impedance -, allows the metabolic activation of the tissue in question via the stimulation of blood / lymphatic circulation in more or less extensive regions of the body depending on whether the objective is to act on the whole organism or on local, regional or segmental areas.

The principle of the capacitor, The HCR instrument, is based on the physical principle of the capacitor and, therefore, on the ability to mobilize the electrical charges present in the biological tissue in the form of electrolytes which are, in turn, able to influence cellular metabolism with a consequent increase of oxygen and nutrients, thus inducing a higher blood supply where it is needed.


– Arthritis.
– Fibromyalgia.
– Neck pain.
– Low back pain.
– Sciatica.
– Tennis elbow.
– Rheumatoid arthritis.
– Muscle damage.
– Ligament injuries.
– Muscle tears.
– Sprains.
– Fractures.
– Prostheses and osteosynthesis.
– Acute post-traumatic pathologies.
– Chronic post-traumatic pathologies.