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Percutaneous intratissue electrolysis (EPI®) is a minimally invasive physiotherapy technique, which was born in 2008. It consists of applying a direct electric current through a puncture needle, which acts as a negative electrode (cathode) and which, thanks to ultrasound control, will cause an electrochemical reaction at the level of the degenerated region. Thus, there will be a local inflammatory process that will settle in the soft tissues, which will allow phagocytosis and repair of the affected tissue. Eventually, a renewal of collagen on the lesion site will take place. (Sánchez-Ibáñez JM, 2008). This technique is used in various pathobiological mechanisms such as, for example, tendon, muscle, aponeurotic lesions, fibrotic or scar tissue. (Valles et al. 2015)

Below is a list of indications for the EPI® technique according to (CEREDE Sports Medicine, 2014) :

• Plantar Fasciitis
• Achilles tendinopathy
• Patellar tendinopathy
• Iliotibial band syndrome
• Pubalgia
• Tendinopathy of the adductors
• Tendinopathy of the supraspinatus and in particular when calcified
• Elbow tendinopathy (medial and lateral epicondylitis)
• Bursitis
• Partial or total muscle rupture
• Trigger points, muscle contractures
• Muscle contusion
• Fibrotic tissues and scar tissues