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Our Vision

To be a company that attracts, rewards, and retains skilled physical therapy staff. Our proactive approach to the development of best clinical practices and promotion of effective treatment methods will help us accomplish this.

Our Philosophy

CURAVIT Physiotherapy wishes to commit to providing quality outpatient physical therapy services in its state-of-the-art facilities.

As a company in the health field, we strive to be part of the health network around us, by taking part in various events. Our focus on our physical therapists continuing education is essential and guarantees our physical therapists understand and put into practice cutting-edge treatments and rehabilitation techniques available for all types of injuries and conditions.

Our Mission

We are committed as healthcare professionals, to helping our clients resume their ongoing quest for health, fitness, and well-being.


We take a goal-oriented approach to treating. Whatever your goals might be we wish to help you achieve them.

Patient Care

We’ll provide hands-on treatment in our premises and exercises you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active partner in your recovery and future physical health.

Professional Service

Our physiotherapists are committed to promoting the best practices at our disposal.

Our Therapists

Ruben Rocha
Therapist & C.E.O.

Ruben Rocha founded CURAVIT Physiotherapy in 2018 with the intention of creating a practice that combines the best of manual therapy with especially instrumental and invasive techniques. Since 2009, year which he has graduated, Ruben Rocha gained clinical experience, which allowed him to adopt an integrative bio-psycho-social approach and listening to the needs of each individual. He since then advocates that it is the path to follow. Academic background Ruben Rocha, PT, BSC, COMT, and Posturologist is a physiotherapist trained at the higher school of education in Santa Porto and to become a certified therapist in manual orthopedic therapy by the “Manual Concepts” training center which is also recognized by The University of Perth in Australia.

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Alicia Feruglio
Therapist & co-C.E.O.

Alicia Feruglio, who graduated in 2022 with a “Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy” from the Geneva School of Health (HEdS), received an award for the best Bachelor’s thesis from the Réseau Santé et Sport committee for her research on ultrasound-guided intratissue percutaneous electrolysis (EPI) in the treatment of lower limb tendinopathies. She is a therapist deeply committed to manual therapy, combining passive, active-passive, and instrumental techniques. During her internship experiences, she gained valuable knowledge in the musculoskeletal field, working at Curavit clinic, the UOTS Cressy sports clinic at HUG (Geneva University Hospitals), and the Lignière rehabilitation center. Additionally, she acquired experience in the neurological domain at the Institut de Lavigny, which allows her to adapt her treatments based on the pathologies encountered in her clinical practice.

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Andrzej Maciejewski

Andrzej Maciejewski, is a passionate of the human body, who despite of over a decade of studies and work with patients, is still being amazed by how our bodies are functioning.

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Jose Lanzagorta

Jose is a Spanish physiotherapist, constantly seeking new advancements, especially in the field of invasive physiotherapy and active therapy, including targeted therapeutic exercises ...

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