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Andrzej Maciejewski, is a passionate of the human body, who despite of over a decade of studies and work with patients, is still being amazed by how our bodies are functioning. He consider himself kind of a philosopher of physiotherapy, and therefore considers manual therapy as a way of entering in contact with his patients and a way of understanding what their body have to say without having to speak. He is someone who wants his patients to get rid of pain and maximize their potential in respect of the bio-psycho-social approach.


Academic background

Andrzej Maciejewski finished his 5-year studies by obtaining a master’s degree from University of Medicine in Poznań (Poland).

Professional experience

Andrzej Maciejewski started his career in Poland in 2013 as a physiotherapist in a hotel having a physiotherapy and wellness center. Then, in 2017 he emigrated to France where he worked in Thermal baths and SPA for 5 years. At the end of 2021, he got his diploma approved by Red Cross Swiss and started a new adventure in 2022 in Curavit, Switzerland..


Andrzej Maciejewski, during 10 years of his work as a physiotherapist gave nearly 20’000 treatments axed on manual therapy.

– Relaxing, sport and pain reducing massages
– Lymphatic drainage
– Cranio-sacral therapy
-Joint mobilizations and manipulations
– Applied kinesiology in diagnostic
– Kinesio-taping
– Scar tissue mobilizations