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This method consists in developing programs using DESMOTEC® “DTS” equipment and exploiting the inertia generated by the movement of the user. The special software can record both the initial and periodic control tests, as well as the training session in real time (by means of an encoder), allowing to control the load and the typology.

The DTS method allows users to achieve targeted and measured work sessions, with a unique neuromuscular activation allowing for more effective and faster stimulation.

In iso-inertial training®, an athlete’s concentric motion is transformed into kinetic energy. This energy is finally rebounded and dissipated in the eccentric phase of the movement. The energy dissipated is directly proportional to the energy generated by the concentric movement. This results in a broader use of motor units promoting faster recovery and improving muscle conditioning.


– Post-trauma rehabilitation.

– Hypertrophy.

– Neural Adaptations and explosive force.