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A new method of effective incontinence treatment using functional magnetic stimulation “FMS”. It can be used with both genders, for all types of urinary and fecal incontinence, for faster rehabilitation after surgery or childbirth, and even for certain sexual dysfunctions or chronic pain in the pelvis or lower back.

The Tesla Care device was developed for the treatment of the pelvic floor and urinary incontinence using the special FMS – Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology. The pulsed magnetic field generated by the device causes the pelvis muscles to contract without the need of electrodes.

FMS is an effective alternative to established electrical stimulation methods, as it has many advantages for rehabilitation. Magnetic fields are less painful, allow deep penetration into heterogeneous biological tissues and do not require skin contact. FMS does not stimulate painful nerves on the surface of the skin and is therefore more pleasant than conventional electrical stimulation.

Magnetic fields pass through clothing, tissue and bone and reach otherwise inaccessible tissue. The FMS uses the super inductive properties of the magnetic field deep within the body and thus stimulates muscles that cannot be reached by electrical stimulation.   

FMS treatment increases the strength and endurance of the pelvis muscles. In addition, the patient learns to do exercises that strengthen muscles correctly. This provides effective, long-lasting relief from uncontrolled urine flow and weakened pelvis muscles.

What’s its use ?

– Stress incontinence.
– Urge incontinence.
– Mixed urinary incontinence.
– Faecal incontinence.
– Postpartum rehabilitation.
– Muscular rehabilitation of the pelvic floor after surgery.
– Incontinence due to radical prostatectomy.
– Chronic prostatitis.
– Problems due to poor circulation.

Therapy procedure :

-The therapy is simple and does not require any special preparation of the patient.
– During therapy, the patient remains clothed and sits on the incontinence chair.
– During stimulation, it focuses on awareness of pelvis muscle contractions, making it easier to learn muscle training .
– The therapy is non-invasive, painless and with no known side-effects.